Decorative canoe paddle commissions, west-coast-themed or your choice, are available. With your input on the imagery, patterns and colour palette, I will create a custom design. Each paddle is an original artwork, in acrylic paint on southern hardwood paddles, with a final varnish. All have handle detail, though on some it’s near the blade and on others it’s near the grip. Nautical pulleys/blocks and nylon rope for thematic display are also available. Contact me for more details.

Commissions are also available for custom-themed skateboards and other items suitable for display.


Contact me for information on commissioning a portrait of your house.



Custom-painted stones or sets of stones can be used as objects of meditation, oracle stones, talking stones for circle groups, spiritual markers and more. As small objects of original art they can also be displayed in a variety of ways. A group of painted stones in a favourite bowl on a coffee table can create a visual focal point.


These small, touchable original paintings, created on stones that were washed up on Howe Sound beaches, are natural art objects customized with the imagery, colours, text and patterns of your choice. Painted stones are created with acrylic paint and ink, from my own imagery and traditional spiritual symbols. To commission original art stones, please contact me.

Do you have a different idea? Try me.

lon commissioned paddle mosaic