The Pied Raven Project is a fund-raising campaign in support of bird conservation in North America. ​25% of proceeds from these cards will be donated to Birdlife International or Birds Canada to support their conservation efforts.

The original watercolour illustrations have been transformed into quirky cards, each illustrating an endangered or threatened species of bird in Canada. They are 5" x 5" (13cm x 13cm) with envelope, printed in British Columbia on 100% recycled card stock. The interior is blank.

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Bird Cards

card lewis's woodpecker card spread.jpg

Lewis's Woodpecker card

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card barn swallow card spread.jpg

Barn Swallow card

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card canada warbler card spread.jpg

Canada Warbler card

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card bobolink card spread.jpg

Bobolink card

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The pied raven was a subspecies of the common raven which was only found on the Faroe Islands. During the nineteenth century, pied ravens were selectively shot because they could fetch high prices as decorative and taxonomic specimens, but they were also regarded as pests. In the mid-nineteenth century, every Faroe male of hunting age was ordered by royal decree to shoot at least one raven per year or face a fine. The last known individual was found in the winter of 1947 on Nólsoy and disappeared late in 1948. I named this project after this stunning, now extinct, bird.