big hi-fi sound from your transistor radio
take the bus
more work-saving features new colours

Cache Value


Crows interacting with vintage technology: these paintings explore the intersection between what we value and what our neighbouring corvids value, and amplifies that fascination with consumption by using scale to comment on actual worth. (watercolour and pen & ink on cold-pressed paper)

a fine balance
dangling carrot
passing out leaflets

Flight Patterns


Corvids interacting with their environments (watercolour, gouache and pen & ink on cold-pressed paper)

calm waters
sea sky mountain
mountain waltz
calm and cool
town and country

Spiral Notebook


Harmony from chaos: taking the singular elements, shapes and patterns of the west coast landscape, adding sacred symbolic imagery, and reconstructing it to create work that reflects the interconnectedness of all things. The concept of interconnectedness is central to human philosophies as diverse as Zen Buddhism and environmentalism, and is what I believe to be our most important guiding principle. Crows and the sacred symbol of the spiral unite this work. (watercolour and gouache on cold-pressed paper)

hello trails
hello liberty
hello beautiful things
hello wild things
hello deep blue
hello world

Hello World


A celebration of colour, pattern and the natural world (watercolour and gouache on hot-pressed paper)